Journal: April 2017

Time to recap the previous month. It has been interesting and set up some cool things for the future.

Ready to film the next video for RE:WIND

April set things in motion

Curiosity around RE:WIND, the Dutch news/blog platform I launched at the end of the previous month, has been rising. The site gets at least 100 hits each day, which is more than I expected but far from the goal I want to reach. Still, it’s nice to see an audience grow and to get feedback from each and everyone on this project. Let’s make it big!

This month, my fiancee and I also bought our wedding rings. This hit me more than I expected, especially trying the ring on for the first time. A special feeling, but lovely.

I also released a new shirt on Teespring. The previous design didn’t meet its goals so it sadly enough didn’t get printed. This design, however, is getting better reviews from people. I haven’t checked the sales yet, as I want it to be a surprise at the very end. If you haven’t checked it out yet: it’s a simple design that says “I’m Cooler On The Internet”, with a Facebook thumbs up on it and some other graphic elements. Make sure to get yours before the 5th of May!

Speaking of internet things: I’ve started filming bits again. Could turn it into a vlog or I just might keep it for myself, haven’t figured it out yet. Don’t want to start something without thinking it through again! So, for now, I’ll keep those clips to myself. One day, perhaps, I’d edit them together into a new vlog. It sort of hurts me to see that my YouTube channel has been so dead these last couple of months, and I hope to bring it back to life in the near future.

And finally: Admitting the fact that I’ve been pretty stressed out these last few weeks. Been working long hours several days a week now, and my job has been shifting towards a new direction I’m not really comfortable in, yet. It’s a learning process and a challenge. We’ll see how everything evolves, it’s … Gripping.

Next month?

Liv and I have started house hunting. So those first steps are going to be taken in the month of May. We’ve also finally finished the designs of our wedding invitations and we’ll be sending those out this month. And I really need to start looking for a suit. As said above.

And as said above: I hope to bring my YouTube channel back to life, small steps at a time. And obviously make RE:WIND grow, every day, again and again!

May 2017 is going to be very interesting. April set things in motion, now let’s see what it does.

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