Journal: February 2017

February 2017 is over. It’s been less busy than last month, however a lot heavier due to a bunch of changes and new steps. Let’s recap!

Meeting Gary Vaynerchuk

A month of cha-cha-cha-changes

First of all, I had a big change at work. Without naming names, let’s say that I now work three days a week at company T, and two days a week at company S. An interesting change that brings a lot. Fresh work environment, new colleagues, new daily challenges etc. And speaking of new challenges: The first episode of the Tea Narrative got uploaded!

The first episode was about Doctor Who and how we could’ve predicted the exit of the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi. As mentioned before, it’s not exactly how I want it to be yet. But it’s getting there. I was also able to get two guests on DebodeQ Games in one month! Both Anton and Michiel dropped by for three videos, which was a lot of fun to shoot and edit, too.

February also marked the launch of the next step of Pixel Tree, with a brand new site, logo and most importantly: Mission. I’m very excited about this upgrade in our vision and am looking forward to make this company grow even more.

Oh, and I also got to meet with Gary Vaynerchuk and have a one-to-one conversation with him for thirty minutes. Which was also pretty amazing.

The highlight of February 2017, however, was officially setting up the wedding at city hall in Antwerp. We’ve signed the first couple of papers, scheduled the date and hour and we are now officially engaged. An exciting moment, which made it all suddenly so real. Now on to make this wedding happen!

Next Month

I hope that next month can be a bit more relaxing in terms of changes and things to do. 2017 has been fairly loaded so far and I’d like to have some time to just … chill.

That being said: I did not start running as I said I would in last month’s recap blog post, so I hope I can finally get to do that. In March I’d also like to finish a second Tea Narrative episode and I’m also considering to record VEDA videos. We’ll see. On to next month!

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