Journal: January 2017

January 2017 is finally over. It’s been one of the busiest months ever. Doing a lot for YouTube, Pixel Tree and of course: my upcoming wedding. Let’s talk about that!

Michiel and I working on Pixel Tree

This month!

The year started well, with the relaunch of my gaming channel: DebodeQ Games. I missed it, to be honest, even though it is pretty exhausting. Uploading a new video every single weekday is something I couldn’t even dream of, but it has been working out so far. Admittedly: I’ve been cheating, by recording several videos on a single day, but still! We’re doing it! I’ve also had a new guest on the channel, Anton, which has also been great fun.

One of the absolute standouts this month is definitely seeing Mars, Venus and our very own moon with my own eyes. Thanks to fantastic people, we were able to do some sky spotting on the MAS building in Antwerp. It was freezing cold, but totally worth it. There’s something special about seeing the impacts on the moon with your own eyes, instead of on Google images.

Now, wedding talk! For some reason, January seemed to be all about our upcoming wedding. We met with fantastic people who are going to help us with decorating the castle (because yes, it’ll go down in a castle). We also booked a splendid photographer and started looking at where we want to go for our honeymoon. Liv even has got her wedding dress! Which is pure torture, cause there are still over 200 days to go before we get married!

Pixel Tree also made huge steps forward in January. We worked very hard on the rebranding of the company, updating our mission and vision. I love working on Pixel Tree. Michiel and I are such a good team who can balance out an entire day of productive work without feeling tired at the end of the day. It’s quite extraordinary and an awesome feeling. More of that, please!

All this sounds great, however, the month had to close on some bittersweet news. Just learned that Peter Capaldi would be stepping down as the Doctor in 2017, during the Christmas Special. I’m curious to see how (and if) they’ll build this up during the upcoming Season 10 (which starts in 15th of April), but I’m still gutted to see Capaldi go. I’ll miss him, my favorite Doctor.

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