Journal: March 2017

And that’s a wrap on March 2017! A calmer month, but still pretty heavy in an unexpected way. Let’s recap!

March has been … interesting

First of all, early in March, I got to go to “The Walking Dead” event in Amsterdam and meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus. Even though I’m not really into the show, it was a fun event to be at. We also watched an episode on the big screen, so to debut my Walking Dead fandom in such a way, cool!

My fiancee and I have also been working on the wedding invitations. We kind of hit a bump in the road there, as we’re not really sure about what we want. However, we seem to be going forward. Slowly, but forward.

I’ve also released a t-shirt on Teespring! The “Fake News” shirt was on sale for a week and had a goal of 20 shirts. Sadly, we didn’t make that, so the shirt never got printed. Sorry to all of you who pre-ordered it! It just wasn’t meant to be. But I’ve got an idea or two for different designs, better ones. Keep an eye out for that!

And finally, I thought of preparing myself for VEDA, but eventually decided to not go through with it. I have created a new project called RE:WIND and every second of free time I get goes into building and expanding that. My ambitions around this project are very high, and I want to achieve as much as possible with this. VEDA would be a distraction and I can’t allow that, not now. (But I will vlog in the near future though!)

Next month?

In April I have multiple dinners planned, don’t know what that’s about. But there’s not one saturday evening where I eat at home. Liv and I are also going to look for wedding rings, our goal is to have them by the end of the month. And we’d also love to have some time off again. Just, relax.

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