How to Create the VueConf Load Animation (While Learning About Vue.js and SVGs in the Process)
Michael Mangialardi

Great work! Nice Process! #Comprehensive!

My take-a-ways…

Interesting to see Affinity Designer in use here, haven’t worked with it yet.

Wonder what your perspective on simply saving out hi-res PNGs and animating them with Greensocks TimelineMaxJS is?

In this case you do have very small elements in this animation, so my question at the core is,

“When are keyframes smarter to use than JS libraries?”

To address this question would strengthen your articles comprehensiveness, yes?

How does this keyframed set of SVGs act within different browsers?

It would be good to quickly review this as well, no?
For example, 
Edge & IE respond to differently when HTML/CSS props are set on SVG elements (not everyone uses Chrome, I use the Brave browser primarily). So testing your creation across all browsers would only add to the comprehensiveness that you’re already establishing, yes?

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