I cross the sound current 
 And drift 
 Around searching
 The Bliss, 
 We’re bound perfect 
 For this,
 I’m found emerging 
 Through mist 
 To ground surface 
 Unbound the curtain 
 To kiss
 Profound purpose, 
 A gift
 Resounds burdened 
 By This

Awareness carries me beyond decay

I can feel you through this current
 I can visualize your face

So I know you heard this
 You are here and not away

Time is just a curtain
 Pushed open when you pray

Thought behind the wording
 Just a single wave

In a vast ocean giving birth and
 Surging matter when it breaks

Crashing Alive!
 Oh my

I am not determined 
 By this body, not even this mind — 
 Composed of finer matter

Supposing we’re more than just a rhyme or 
 Pattern person embodied in time

Self-centered Divine
 Selecting a version of vision 
 Copied from kaleidoscope eyes

In a wordless space, a sermon arise
 Catching your ripples colliding with mine

A simple servant to the current paradigm
 May I,
 Be of service to you as something larger than I