this body is merely a temporary vessel
that he’s got on loan
so devils and gods heckle and mettle
to each their own
the struggle of a mystic is so beautifully painful

wrestle with the fire through a linguistic outlet
outstretch optimism
a complex of clever cynicism
a sure bet
loving living lyricism to achieve it

we break into so many pieces to see it
heedless we keep it
stream it in search of some meaning
because we need it
indeed we breathe it
unlock a Genius
much more than a convenient Jesus
this ocean is the deepest
who else seated
in his soul circle whom he hasn’t meeted?

images pass and go
he once met a Shadow
gripping its halo down at it’s side
trying to decide which way to go

and so he tries to map the flow
grasp and know
but alas, who’s in control?
so he’s fearless to live
or lives to be fearless with the spirit to give

you’ve got to love and admire
strive to be higher and step in the fire
just a little bit
trudge through the mire and shit
come out better for it

focus and notice the globe is in your palm
so give it a spin
now and again
and as the planets and stars collide
manage the world within
pieces of potential possibilities
existing through this pen

entering his Hallway of Fate
he stumbled upon a puddle of tears that made him break
mumbled and began to contemplate
what it means to be confidently humble
when the foundation continues to shake
crack and crumble with change
he tumbles through this timeless tunnel
searching for the subtly amongst the rubble made

walks novel with an aimless purpose
talks subtle just to scratch the surface
caught befuddled amongst a traveling circus
unraveling the curtain
thirsting for that triangular trio of Truth
nothing is for certain
so he’s on the move