Tide Tales

He’s not a very good story teller
 But he has a hell of a lot of stories that he should start tellin’
 If only the ink would spread in a way to tell it
 He thinks he’s hard headed but not with that melon…

Eyes of Magellan 
Compelled by the high seas’ tides of rebellion
Rise and collide into big skies of silk and velvet
Who ever knew the moon had a felt tip?
Letting it dip in the water so delicate
Bringing the sun to offer it’s delegate 
Author benevolent 
Brush, coloring eloquence
Hush, melting their elements 
Touch, Night into Day, Ocean to Sky 
Painted so elegant
All in the Mind’s eye
Encased in the frame of your eyes — 
A vision, a feeling, a memory left of a moment in time
So prevalent why,
You hang it up on the wall of your life 
Hallways of your Light
To recall your joy and to tell of it right…

Everywhere that he goes
These tides tell tales on every coast…

Televise growth that’s relevant 
Smelling it — rotting fish, salt water, and shellfish 
Locals yelling for bits on the pier
He’s out of his element so he sits down for a beer
Kids by his side with no shoes here
Selling him this, a little of that
Hoping he’ll buy for the hell of it, fact
Language he cannot speak well enough that
He still understands — he is the elephant 
Come from a world of entitlement, damn.
No enlightenment 
If your neighbors still need a hand

Look at these kids — needing some vitamins, so he invites them in, 
Asks if their hungry, but they are not interested man 
Only would like him to buy from them
They want to him spend
And he wants to help
Naive, he tries it then
Picks a little merchant, purchases something shining
Later on he finds him with a black eye, 
See the other boys got violent
After they saw the bit of money he supplied him
They jumped his ass
They jumped his ass and cleared his pocket lining
And that’s on him
That’s on him…

Everywhere that he goes
These tides ebb and flow
And if you listen close
You’ll hear the notes
Telling tales on every coast

Despite the best intention
There is no perfect action
When you learn of the reaction
No telling who you’re going to hurt on accident
Even a pacifist has an effect that damages
When a fire burns, there’s smoke to match it
Just in the world that we’re living in captive
Till we put in the work, becoming a captain, sailing the world

Eyes of Magellan now turn inward
Riding the wave and the Current 
Completing the circuit
Awaken the serpent
Even and calming the system that’s nervous
Submerge in the Way underneath the surface
Way beneath the storm swell
Way beneath the noise dwell
In a Cave of Peace and Joy well
That’s something to tell
That’s something to tell well…

He’s not a very good story teller
But a hell of a lot of stories
He should start tellin’
Tides swell in, ebbs and flow
Harmonizing heavens and hells as notes
Crashing their tales upon the coast
And so it goes…

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