I am a poet
in the same way that I’m human
a lover loner 
losing just to own it 
slightly stupid
but my hold is 
loosened when I notice
our evolution through gradual ruin 
decomposing from the seconds we are born in…
Things that I carry — I let them go
no need for baggage where I’m going 
just a pencil and my notebook
Leaving lovers yellow post-its
‘catch me if you can’ follow the postage 
It’s where my growth is
So here’s a toast to a beautiful world and to hope
see according to a child’s vision recording 
the real importance 
ask them what ‘normal’ is
Be your own and carve your way to the unknown bliss
you need no fortress
when love for life is your treasure and fortune 
reaching for the heights of a celestial orbit
you are its portrait 
a microcosmic portion of the macro-enormous
rediscover innocence and joy when
exploring the globe and its whirlwinds
through the flow of crosscurrents we learn lift
and then put words to it

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