Ground Level

the magnitude 
 of the poetry holding me 
 got me moving internally too

Call it Thirty-Two
 Call it Life Process 
movement of Truth
 What it DO
 Push it through
 all these Karmas …
What am I do?!

I’m part of you!

I ain’t here to harm 
You are my root!

In truth 
Forever charmed 
In Truth

 Let it unfold

This origami
 Got me knotted up!
But this orgami got me 
FLYING so now what?

 Tongue— BODY

I am body embodied
I am the Spirit in this man ODDLY

World roofie in my cup!

What a party
I can never get enough!


Doing duty now


Only with some presence
Something of acceptance

Just a little bit

Let the bread leaven 
Rising UP
To something better

Than the last dish


See it all demand
Pushing to expand 
Capacity with a every test!


we’re just — 
 a conduit
Through us — 
 it goes

on traveling 
having no

Beginning nor an End giving everything

Give EVERYTHING you can

And if you can’t…


it’s TAKEN
Just for you to understand

We’re the same tree
So why you cut your own branch?


You’re only killing yourself
Your own seed with your own hand


I ain’t here to preach
I’m just writing to a beat

For who am I 
when I am just as ignorant?
Eating all that beef!

Getting bread
thinking that I’m 
butter but I’m
stuck in
the same jam
the same mead mutter —

Lacking nourishment

like a feed 
of bad thoughts 
make your mouth squeeze 
words to shit
let it ferment 
till what you’re doing
turn toxic

You and I
We don’t learn so quick!


Hammer the grammar with no manners 
Into something sharp

Weaponize the patterns till they gather and shatter 
Into your own heart

Ah — found the lantern in the dark

never knew the light 
till it bled through the insight
inside of what I write
let it shine — well we do alright

On the ground level 
Lessons to bliss
You know 
we wouldn’t have it any other way than THIS

Architects of mischief 
And so it is.

Drink it all 
Forgive it all
and stay in Awe 
of the PROCESS

Moving down the stream
I don’t to need to protest where it leads


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