Tonight I’m going to stay in and I write
Feeling heavy ready weigh in on the night
Been down clown playing the plight
Been around to overflow the levy praying for height 
Sound steady saying it right
Now, my spray paint make a beautiful life
Endowed with a pen dipped in firelight 
Wow just to make the paper ignite
Burn and let the smoke show some insight
Turn the globe slow, I just might
Jump with no note so, hold me tight 
I go so, you have my invite
On this road though enticed
Hold close 
I never meant to say I know-so
I don’t know 
I’m just an old soul in life
I go bold and excite
With no fear 
Other than the hold of this rope so
Find me in flight
Oh dear, this sure ain’t my first go
Am I late? I learn slow
So tonight I’m going to stay in and I write
Yearning to elope with the night light like
Good night

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