a stoic statue
deep in meditation 
with eyes closed
hands together
to form an open palm
and there I am
smaller than a fingernail
Asleep curled up in His Hands

Dreaming of sails
dreaming of this here body-boat 
To ride the sea of Life and surf the swells
Dreaming of the world with
You and your waves 
colliding with my own wake 
making whirl-winds and tide tales
Before we die well
maybe we’ll awake to tell of something

dream within a dream within a dream

In awe of it all 
Tear drop 
down to the floor 
Absorbed and wrapped
into a Starry Night 
perceiving the intangible
Expand to handle more
curious and driven 
to explore more
Mind manifold 
full of Insight

a dream within a dream within a dream

it’s a funny thing
this Kali Yuga
who am I?
who am I to you?
it’s a funny thing
an adaptation
a personality matrix
unfolding a karmic stream
Called creation

Forgive me if I’ve harmed you
I’m so far from perfect
but willing to listen and to learn too
see no matter how I old
or what I think I know
I remain teachable
for real knowledge
doesn’t come from the world
just ask Einstein
where Intuition and Imagination are born

a dream within a dream within a dream

who am I?
who am I?

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