The Eqivalent of 1 Int’l Tip By President Buhari

I’m not an economist — though it was was one of my favorite subjects in college — and I don’t intend to insult the intelligence of people who study it to the highest level. However, I have a few analysis to make.

Just last week, there was a leak that the Information minister, Lia Mohammed, authorized a loan from NBC to fund his/crew’s trip to China. Thaeamount in question is N13million and some fraction.

Yes N13million!

Evidence of N13 million loan request by the information minister

If it takes over N13million for a single minister and crew to travel to China, how much will our President Buhari spend on over 27 trips around the globe so far, Chasing a relatively dying course — CRUDE OIL?
FYI: The last I checked, international communities, NGOs and other powerful agencies have and are investigating BILLIONS of $$$$$ to discover and develop alternatives to CRUDE OIL, partnering to further reduce the price of CRUDE OIL, etc… 
Yet my President and his town criers are proud in these pursuits.

So, let’s do some maths…
Say President Buhari spends N20million on a trip — You don’t expect his information minister to request a figure in close proximity with his BOSS, the President.

A trip — N20million — can be used to Scale/invest in 5 legit and proven Micro, Small or Medium Scale Businesses — N4million each — and in a space of 12 month with proper guidance and partnership, the business will employ more people and generate taxable revenue.

Please think about these numbers and multiply it by the number of CRUDE OIL related trips made by Mr President and others. Let’s not even talk about the HIGH COST OF GOVERNANCE — A topic for another day.

So call me a WAILER if you wish but I take solace in the fact that I just don’t complain, I always think SOLUTIONS and this is one of those.

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