It just hit me how the MARKETPLACE is naturally setup to regulate unserious Entrepreneurs.

The promoter/advertising company says you must advertise your business;

The business coach says you must get a mentor or take a course;

The customers say you must make it cheap but with the best value;

The venture capitalist says you must get funding (not FREE);

The co-working space says you must work from an ecosystem to meet co-founders.

I can go on and on... However, look closely and you'll see that there's always a TAKING/SPENDING with the service provider/entrepreneur stuck in the middle feeding all these institutions with NO GUARANTEES of success.

So I ask, dear service provider/entrepreneur, WHY ARE YOU IN THE MARKETPLACE? 
Is it to gather all you can like that "seemingly successful business" over there OR to provide genuine value and fulfill purpose?

The answer my friend, will determine the reception, resistance and how far you'll go because, while you are busy complaining of how tough the marketplace is, some other entrepreneurs are silently "clearing out" even with little effort/resources to spend.

Yes, I'm talking to me too!


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