Attack of the Quirks! How Not to Deal with Them.

Hello all!

Thank you for all the support/nice things :)

Week 2! This week I give a bit more of an understanding into my “quirks” (otherwise known as bipolar) before I begin my PGCE *bites knuckle*

I believe that there are the right ways and then there are the wrong ways to deal with a situation. Now that’s easy for me to say at the moment because I’m not in one of those “moments”. You put me in that “momment” whether it be right up in the clouds or in the rubble, then I’ll do whatever I can to change my state of mind.

Sometimes its difficult for people outside of those “moments” to understand why you did whatever you did. Remember that your struggle is on the inside, they may not understand that just because your smiling, chatting and laughing, doesn’t mean that your not battling a 60ft savage, emotionless, quirky robot with a small plastic spork inside.

That’s not their fault, nor is it yours. Whenever your ready speak to that person, lend them a plastic spork! Fight it side by side! And claim back your creative, unique and (a little less) quirky brain. Two heads are better than one!

Chin up!