The Means to a Beginning.

Hey guys! Long time no read? I’m alive.

I just wanted to share some lyrics of a song I made a strange kind of “Damn that’s relatable!” It’s called Escape Artist by The Zolas.

My alter-ego. He’s an escape artist
He’s only truly happy when he’s under arrest
Oh how he handsome, scheduled to hang to death
He’s only truly happy at the precipice

At every clock strike, he hears the jailer’s keys
And the doubt starts to sprout til he’s on his knees
But he is singing, when the night is black
“All I am is whatever I’m aiming at”
And he remembers like it’s his mother’s call
To feel his hand find a grip at the top of the wall
I want to feel it, I want to feel the fire
Of the leftover sun on the roofing tile.

I suggest you take those moments of great, no matter how small, run with them. Shout them out and keep them close. Your capable of anything.

See you on the flip side!