Starbucks new wifi portal is an invasion of your privacy🙈

Starbucks is probably selling your information

I was welcomed with a new wifi portal asking for my full name and email this seemed odd so I read the explanation why they wanted this information from me, it read the following…

Log on to our Network once, and this device will automatically connect at participating Starbucks® Stores everywhere you go

Essentially how this works is they record the MAC Address of your WiFi card and associate it with your login information whenever you connect to one of Starbucks complementary wifi networks it calls back to a server

Wifi: Hey B8:D7:AF:6B:AA:24 is trying to connect should we let them?

Server: Yeah sure he’s in the database

This information may be used to track your activities and usage for marketing reasons and who knows what else, The complimentary wifi is provided by Google so you can totally trust that your data won’t be recorded in any way :P

Here is a snippet from the privacy policy located at the bottom of the login page

We may collect information about your usage of This WiFi, such as when and for how long you use the network and the frequency and size of data transfers. We may also collect information about the geographic locations of This WiFi node through which you connect to the network. For more information about how we collect, use and share information, please see the Google Privacy Policy.

Protecting your privacy with three easy steps

Use a fake name and email

Instead of using your real name use something like Mr. Pawington with the email not only will this protect your information it’ll make data unstable for advertisement reasons.

Use a VPN

Use a VPN while connected to any public wifi this will hide what your looking up from anyone tracking your internet usage especially from those pesky evil Russian coffee shop hackers (This won’t protect your mac address from being recorded)

Spoof your Mac Address

Spoofing your Mac Address sounds complicated but it’s pretty easy windows 10 offers a privacy setting that automatically changes your Mac Address everytime you connect to a wifi network for you

For advance users

Spoofing your mac address can be done fairly easily these tools make this process very simple and convenient

Window Users

Linux Users

Apt-get install macchanger

Macchanger -h

Mac users

Disclaimer I have not personally used the tool for mac so use at your own risk👻

Follow these three easy steps to fight💪 for your privacy back👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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