The Online Advertising Bubble
Doc Searls

Really great read Doc Searls.

I think it’s impossible to say Offline Ad is better than Online, or vice versa. You have unique and ever advancing benefits that exists in each. I think doing 100% of either one is incorrect, they both compliment each other, and that’s why they will continue to exist.

Regarding the “Online Advertising bubble” I think this is a good thing. We can’t say that due to poor content / poor quality — this leads to advertisers not spending money. You have to remember our industry is not that old, we’re still evolving and improving many of the products we use to day that we all think are so smart and sophisticated. When we spot issues like fraud, viewability, declining ROI — all this does is point out the holes in our solutions which we have to fix, and those responsible players are all forced to do something about it, or they will just get left behind.

Let’s be honest, we all know nobody loves Ads, but it’s a crucial Jenga Block of the Media tower.

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