Being an Entrepreneur: A Learning Process in Itself

Everyone being a kid fell a lot of times and the love ones helped the kid to stand again and walk but no one ever taught if you get knocked down in life, you choose either to give up or stand up and fight back. It happened with me being an entrepreneur, says Firoz Patel, a successful Canadian businessman and co-founder of a global payment processor.

Payza, one of the biggest global payment processors needs no introduction, but journey to the success has not been that easy, says Firoz Patel. There is no “one” guaranteed formula but here is a look on what all it takes to be a successful entrepreneur:

Believe In Yourself!

There is no barrier or obstacle for someone to achieve anything but self-doubt. Words like “impossible”, “I can’t”, “I don’t think” stop you and put you down only if you are not self-confident. Believe in yourself; faith, a strong desire and a determined initiative is the first step to be an entrepreneur.

Never Give Up: Hang In Right There!

Life is like a journey with good and bad phases and so is the path to be an entrepreneur. Not every phase will be great; some may make you face defeat but the key is to have patience. Financial crunch, lack of resources, lack of support-will block your way, but just hang in there. It is a long journey and you will eventually get there.

Demands Sacrifices!

Entrepreneurship is not gift but it is a venture that demands for a lot of sacrifices, strength to live with pain and non-stop efforts. Even successful entrepreneurs have been through all this and have sacrificed their comfort and sleeps to be where they are today. It asks for working long nights, on weekends and sometimes no sleep at all.

Learn From Your Failures!

No one can deny that if you cannot face your failures, you would never achieve success. You learn from your failures and cap down experience and wisdom to move into the right direction. Failure is just a delay in achieving what you are trying for, not defeat. It just makes you find thousands of ways that won’t work and so you would now what will.

It’s not About an Idea but About Making It Happen!

To have a business idea is an asset; however what’s next is more important. An idea will not be a success story without proper planning and planned actions to make it happen. An idea always needs to be improvised as per the situations. One thing that will change everything is your ability and planning to take massive actions.

Be Focused!

Success and financial future of any business venture is truly dependent on unshaken focus. If you start as an individual you need to make sure you do not get carried away or bothered because of small setbacks. If it’s a team start up, everyone has to play a vital role in keeping the focus intact by supporting and guiding one another.

“If you do all this, nothing can stop you from being an entrepreneur; a successful entrepreneur”.