Day 6: 7-Day Startup

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This blog should have been posted yesterday, but I was at an AC/DC concert and so I was too busy singing and playing the air guitar to get it posted.

‘Day 6- Set Targets’

One of my favourite things to do.

I love setting goals and targets. To me, they’re incredibly important in everything I do. I have goals for my personal life, business, training, guitar playing — everything!

I’ve made the mistakes that everyone has: setting goals either so aggressive or too easy to reach that you end up just feeling de-motivated. It can be hard to get the mix right. But when it is right, it can be the one thing that keeps you focussed on success.

I tend to set out all my goals at the start of the year, but they continuously change. That’s not a bad thing. As long as they keep you motivated, change your goals as much as you like.

In the 7 Day startup book, it says, when starting your business, you should focus on the ‘One Metric that Matters (OMTM)’. In my case, the OMTM is customers signing up and paying for our service. When launching a business, it makes sense to focus on the number of people who sign up and pay for your services, rather than things like Facebook page likes or Twitter followers. This was you can really see whether or not your business is something that people want or need.

Adworthy goals

I don’t want to over complicate things so I’m keeping it simple. I want to sign up 10 customers within the first month. So from launch day, I am going to pushing the business out there as far as I can. We have a great product at a great price and so it’s up to me and Sam to get the business in front of those who need it.

Once we’ve hit our initial target, I want to grow the business at a rate of 10% a month. This is similar to the goals that WP Curve started with, but I do feel like they’re appropriate for what we’re offering.

I have no doubt that we’ll be able to hit that target. 30 days from now, I hope to be writing a post about how we’ve done better than expected. Exciting times ahead!

I want to keep this post short and sweet.

I am going to be creating a big long article on the whole 7 days, my thoughts on the concept, the business launching and various other things. It will be posted on the Adworthy website, so please go onto the site and have a look when we go live.

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