Giving everything away

Do you give all your knowledge away for free?

Or do you hold some of it back? Keeping some secrets to yourself.

I fundamentally believe in the philosophy of giving everything away. Giving your audience all your best tips and tricks. Sharing your industry secrets.

Many people think it’s counterintuitive.

“But if you give it all away, why would people pay you?”

It’s such a good question. It makes total sense.

And people that ask that question are right to an extent — some people will never buy from you. They’ll take your free advice.

You’ve got to be okay with that.

Some people, however, will crave to work with you. You’ve provided so much value upfront. You’ve become the only option. You’ve become an authority.

They can see you’re an expert.

They can see you want to help; not sell

As consumers we don’t like being sold to. We like making our own buying decisions.

By providing content, we help people make those buying decisions.

Whoever provides the most value wins.


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Photo: Suzanne R Livingstone

I’m a 22-year-old entrepreneur & founder of social media agency, Blue Cliff Media. I’m a keen writer and speaker and have appeared in publications such as The Scotsman & Huffington Post.


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