Why I’ve started a weekly vlog

I recently completed a 100 vlogs in 100 days challenge, where I filmed a short vlog every single day for 100 days.

During that 100 days, I started to develop a real love for speaking on camera and creating videos. The problem with the 100 vlogs was that there was no real opportunity to edit them or create a proper film. They were all just off-the-cuff.

During the challenge, I decided when it was over, I’d create a much more polished, edited, vlog every week.

And that started a couple of weeks ago.

Click here to watch the latest one.

I’ve found the vlogs pretty hard to create so far! I’ve filmed 3 and published 2, to date. But it’s very tricky to be able to create a narrative within your day, never mind film all the shots you need to be able to tell that narrative!

It’s forcing me to be creative. And I love that.

So, why am I creating them?

Truth be told, I’m creating them because I enjoy it. I enjoy filming, I editing and I love sharing my story with the world. It’s fun.

There’s no real direct business agenda behind it. I’m not trying to win business directly through them. (Although, I know they will help with winning business though).

It’s a brand awareness game. It’s always good to have eyes on your name and for people to know who you are, whether they’re interested in working with me or not.

So, even if I get business directly or indirectly through the vlog, I’m doing it because I enjoy it :)


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Photo: Suzanne R Livingstone

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