My first impression of rideshare driving made me appreciate the freedom and opportunity that it provides, even as it came at a cost that is not easy to quantify. I believe that there is currently a limited time to benefit from rideshare driving, as rideshare companies are already testing autonomous vehicles. Nevertheless, the current state of transportation network companies (TNCs) or the TNC industry as a whole is still new and evolving, and I believe that there is room for opportunity.

Meanwhile, I have noticed that there is a lot of drama and politics to navigate when it comes to…

After the Las Vegas tragedy on October 1, 2017; I decided to take some time to reflect on this event that killed at least 59 people and wounded over 500.

Whenever it is appropriate, I do feel like it’s important to take a break every now and then. This Monday (October 2), I took a break from LIVE broadcasting because of the shooting massacre in Las Vegas.

My head was not in the game and I didn’t want to phone it in. As far as making something that would be online and timeless with phony enthusiasm for whatever content…

It’s hard to write sometimes, so I tried some tools to help me. How do you get over writer’s block or accessibility issues when writing or communicating?

Ok. So, I am trying a little experiment, where I have recorded myself in Adobe Audition via Adobe Creative Cloud. At the same time I am using Microsoft Speech Recognition to dictate onto Microsoft Word. This Word document can then be transcribed onto audio or video as the subtitles or be made into a document in and of itself for my blog.

This is an attempt to try to figure out why…

Describing myself in 140 characters: “I am a married father of 3 kids; producing commentary and creative content surrounding design, humor, gaming and general health and fitness.” For the sake of speed and efficiency, this short description of me and my content may be enough for those who need to make a snap judgement on me and my brand. I can accept this because I believe that time is one of the most valuable commodities in our fast paced world, so I understand and appreciate even the smallest amount of someone else’s time and attention.

Therefore, I especially thank you…

By the time my twin sons were born on March 29 of 2016, I was certain about becoming a stay-at-home parent and attempting to fast track the development of my gaming and creative hobbies into a personal brand and home business. Seven months prior to this, my wife and I were less certain about our future as we first discovered that we were having twins during a routine ultrasound for this second pregnancy. …

At any given time there are thousands of ways for me to communicate my message to the public over the Internet. So if I consider my options between two platforms like WordPress and Medium, I think that it actually makes the most sense for me to just use both. Aside from personal taste or legal restriction, I don’t foresee too many scenarios where I would be forced to choose one platform over another. With that said, a similar question of choice still remains… Where to start?

Aladdin Glasco

Married father of three, exploring gaming and personal development. 🎮

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