Hi, Medium!

My name is Anton, I live in Moscow since I was born, I study at the Higher School of Economics on the second course at the faculty ob Business-Informatics.

I’ve joined to your community just some months ago and I really like to read inspirational articles here. For example, Tobias van Schneider, thanks for yours!

So now I’ve decided that it is time to move on and to start write here by myself. Everyone sets a lot of goals at the start of every new year but only units reaches them. On the 31th of December I tried to write out my achievements and I could remember only some… So now story has repeated and now I have a bunch of different purposes and I need a motivation not to throw them away. I want to make this motivation is writing reports here. Maybe they inspire you to achieve you goals or just stay unread, it doesn’t matter. Moreover, it’s gonna be a great opportunity to improve my English skills, so feel free to correct me in responses [;

Pilot report will be on the 16th of January (I’ll try to make them every week or two).

P.S. You can check out some photos from my short trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia now:

Thank you, stay tuned!