Great Writers Buried Under The Medium Sea
Tiffany Sun

I was not sure what MEDIUM actually was… I joined to respond to a MARC JACOBS article on love that I have seen on Twitter. As I have added into my own light additions to my own ingredients of the “I AM”, my cologne always creating my individual scent, EYE have discovered a place that I may smell the various infinitely changing scents of others. My Spiritual Path has showed me there are no coincidences in LIFE; so I will continue to explore and expand my energy and build with others on this MEDUIUM, lol. Glad to have started with you Ms. SUN. I do have books, a series called “CRITERIA of a MAN” and will share excerpts from time to time while I am on here,,, To you and all others,,, as my favorite Vulcan would say “Live Long and Prosper” :O)

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