If you are just starting looking into Test Automation you must have heard something about Selenium, but not yet sure what it is. Let’s add some context and details to Selenium.

How Test Automation is working

Test Automation is pretty similar to manual testing and is dead simple. You need to make computer do something automatically. It can be done writing new small programs (scripts) which are called Automated Tests.

Automated Test is actually a small program — piece of code in some programming language which simulates actions of real user.

If we talk about Web — Automated Test would be mainly interacting with Browser to do something like opening pages, clicking somewhere, etc. …

When you start learning automation testing in Selenium in any programming language — you will always get to a point when you need some testing framework (at least you will feel this way).

But why do we really need a testing framework? Is selenium bad without frameworks?

What is a testing framework

“Framework” is kinda buzzword in testing world. Everyone are looking for one, or looking to create one.

Actually what most people are calling a framework is just a set of libraries wrapping Selenium API.

It’s not such a big thing as frameworks in a typical software development sense. They are just not so mature, contains just some couple of features, doesn’t imply any rules on how to structure the code. …

Unfortunately pretty much places in web applications automation are based on “Magic”.

What do I mean by saying magic? Examples of Magic:

So talking about JS/AJAX handling — it’s mostly based on Magic for now. Nobody knows how to handle it properly, neither I do.

In this article I’ll try to explain how to get rid of Magic in JS/AJAX handling as much as possible. …


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