If You Refuse to Step Out of Safety You Will Never Grow

One of the awesome things about our modern world is the ease of access, to do great things.

I wrote about college education and becoming a writer. Asking, is a degree necessary? To answer that question for myself, I had to risk being uncomfortable and being unsafe.

I remember when I did not have one computer. Then, as an adult raising my family, at one point, there were three computers in our home.

Having lived with the itch to write, since childhood, I can no longer hide behind the excuse of lack of resources. Or information. Or inspiration. Or a college degree.

There are no excuses.

Yes, technology has given most of us greater ease of access to others on the planet. But, the internet, with all it’s communication mediums, is still only a tool. And, in the hands of someone unwilling to step out and do the work, it’s like we’re still tool-less.

Grace Kraaijvanger is on this journey of taking risks, I look forward to visiting her space and meeting her the next time I’m in the area. She has impacted me, without knowing me. I will get a chance to thank her for her work. And thank her for sharing her vulnerability and openness.

And that my friends, is the beauty of the world we live in. We can reach across the globe with our words. Our songs. Our experiences. And those experiences resonate with others and we grow…and they grow…we change the world for the better. Because we stepped out and left safety.

What step will you take?

(a version of this post originally appeared at www.thomasharrell.me)