Personal Growth is a Journey

Personal growth and development (the focus of this blog) happens over time. Some are able to 10x, accelerate their development quickly, exponentially — most of us do it over time.

Sometimes, we take three steps forward and two backward, one to the side, one backward and five forward. The key is perseverance, even when you haven’t yet clearly defined your destination, start. Do one small action in the “ballpark” of what you want to accomplish long-term. It’s okay if your personal development takes a meandering path.

I used to believe you had to know one hundred percent what your destination was before getting started. The problem with that strategy, if we aren’t careful, is paralysis. Waiting on the PERFECT, clearly focused picture in the distance ahead.

I really enjoyed Chase Jarvis’ take on it.

Whatever your path keeps bringing you back to time and again, follow that, pursue that, dance with that — whatever that thing is for you.

Man I’ve struggled with this. For years. Searching for my one passion, my one thing. But, like most humans, I’m interested in more than ONE thing. I think that’s why Chase’s sentiment resonated with me. He’s asking what’s a core theme or trend you’ve revisited in various ways over time?

For me, that is writing.

And learning.

And teaching.

And growing.

I wonder how long it took this guy to perfect this motorcycle acrobatic trick?

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