I recently heard businessman and entrepreneur Ed Mylett say in an interview “I’m no different than anyone else. I can be lazy. I love sleeping. But, what made the biggest difference in my life was finding the right systems, tools, and tactics that helped me build the right habits.”

A nerd. Yep, that was me in school. I wasn’t an athlete, and life didn’t revolve around sports. ‘Course it didn’t revolve around academics, either. I wasn’t the guy trying to get straight A’s. To round it all out, I was a classic introvert in my teens and a late…


Lessons learned

  • Lesson one: no doctor knows your body like you do — speak up.
  • Lesson two: we become more self-absorbed when ill — that’s okay, but…
  • Lesson three: life goes on.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by illness, death of our loved ones, mechanical troubles with our cars, car accidents…


I had a great conversation yesterday with the author of a book.

We’ve never met in person. I read her book earlier this year. …

What is a Man’s Power?

As a child, I thought it was the power men lorded over women. By slapping them around like my step-father did my mother. Leaving them with black eyes and bruised ribs.

Later, when I met my biological father, I thought a man’s power came from his groin. How many women…

happy faces learning is fun — image from pixabay under CC0 license

How do You Motivate People to Learn

As a L&D (learning and development) professional, at my day job, this question has lingered for months, twirling around my head.

How do you motivate people to learn?

Are you motivated to learn? How does that manifests in your life?

I imagine, if you’re on Medium reading this, you’re a…

black and more white pencils

Bicultural Lessons Learned

The two life lessons I’ve learned from being in a mixed relationship are:

  1. Assumptions are deadly. They kill love, joy, and happiness.
  2. Expansion is necessary. In its absence, personal growth stalls and prohibits a fuller, richer life.

My beloved and I are coffee and cream.

I was born and raised…

At a recent learning and development conference (#TICE2017) I attended as a part of my day job, Jack Canfield slapped me!

Thomas Harrell and Jack Canfield

This is what happened. …

You are good enough. I know. The world often makes you feel otherwise.

Our school system.

Ill-guided parents.

The legal system.


Pop TV.

Social media.

Cyber bullies (doesn’t stop with adulthood)


No wonder we’ve got these voices in our heads. Constantly doling out barbs, that, if we aren’t careful, eat our guts — stealing our courage.

Don’t listen.

They lie.

You are good enough.

Steady your mind, center your spirit by doing your thing, everyday.

Now that this pep talk is over, go, do and be your awesome self.


Air Horns

(a shorter version of this post first appeared on my website)

One of the awesome things about our modern world is the ease of access, to do great things.

I wrote about college education and becoming a writer. Asking, is a degree necessary? To answer that question for myself, I had to risk being uncomfortable and being unsafe.

I remember when…

Thomas Shayon Harrell

personal growth student, teacher & writer

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