Let me know if this sounds like a rant or not…

Strive to become more aware of how you spend your time, and how you can avoid squandering the time of others. The primary culprit for those who waste time is, “A lack of a definitive goal, and a plan to achieve it.”

Time is finite. It’s your most precious resource — more valuable than money! However, billions of people spend their time doing things that’ll never yield a return. Watching television or working at a job they dread. Wasting their time on things — that they know aren’t fruitful. But we all have the right to choose how we spend our time, right? Who am I to judge? Well, when you’re asking for my time, “I’m the final gatekeeper!”

I find it to be ludicrous when I hear people talk about, “Time Management.” You cant manage time. You can’t pause it. You cant slow it down. You cant speed it up. What you can do is, “Consistently focus your energy and efforts on noteworthy tasks, while minimizing time vampires.”

Value your time the way you value inhaling oxygen.

Reserve what free time you have for those you love. Family, friends, or business associates who can help you move closer towards your goals. They work with you to ensure everyone is a winner. People who encourage you to be your best to reach your dreams.

Here are some tips to help you better understand how to become more impeccable with your time:

  • Take time to do things right the first time.
  • Stick to your commitments.
  • Arrive for scheduled meetings (in-person or virtually) 5–10 mins early.
  • Call or text ahead if you’re going to be late.
  • Have an agenda prior to starting any meeting.
  • Stick to the agenda and close the formal portion of the meeting promptly.

You must strive to be impeccable with your time. And when others refuse to follow these simple rules of etiquette, you must help them understand how to respect and value your time.

Advice to those who have a dream/vision: “Write a check. Never donate time.”

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