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First published on my blog at Motion-Effect.no

Now and then I include you in my work lifestyle, methods and progress. A few weeks ago I noticed one important issue with my own mindset regarding how I work, something that might affect you too. A typical trap you might wind up in. Maybe you will recognize yourself in this example. Although I keep a pretty good mindfulness work life balance, some days will still go a little out of track.

I’m working on a lot of changes this year, so very often I get more excited about what’s to come then the present moment and current task at hand. Have you ever felt like this?

You know, for people like us, having our own business, the entrepreneurs, freelancers, dream builders and people who would like to be free from locked-in work regimes are usually driven by our own passion and a fire-of-desire to become something, or get somewhere.

This is good. But sometimes this drive and the urge to “get there” takes over, and disconnects us from the very moment that will eventually take us “there”. I will explain below.

You get stressed not forwarding fast enough?

In our awakened state, we have a focus of energy in whatever we put our minds to. And one trap that many people with goals and dreams fall into is to lose their presence in this very moment. In every moment. Because This Very Moment is all we have.

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Explained in another way, when we do our daily chores and tasks–even often in work we love–our attention of focus is somewhere else. Usually in the future, where all our dreams and goals are. It’s a place where we believe we have completed something, we have gotten somewhere and things are in a way we would rather be than what is, now.

I’m the kind of guy who spend a lot of time educating my mind to expand and reconnect my higher self to what we already know. And my visualization on this subject is that my focus, my attention is a ball of energy.

This ball of energy is your core, inner self. It is who you really are, and it exists with out your body, but should be as much as possible integrated into you body. This is what being whole is about.

The mind can wander, rush and stress around daily life details also. Which REALLY uses energy! Have a look at this short video from Create Live. Makes you think?

You body and your energy ball gets separated

So this is what I’m talking about. We keep going through our workdays, having our minds somewhere else. Your ball of energy is far away into some distant future, which actually in a long run will create stress. How many times have you felt stressed just from the urge to MOVE ON? I have, too many times.

When your energy body and your physical body gets separated over a too long period of time, it’s like your body operates without your life-force for too long. The stress you feel is your body and mind not being at ease. So, over time it may produce diseases. You get sick.

I know about these things, but about a month ago, I had two or three weeks where my energy was too much in the future. Stressing with getting-there, finishing. I don’t get sick, because I have my daily martial arts practice, stretching and meditation. But I still felt the stress, so I get too tired too often.

Collect yourself and be Here

There is only one fix for this disease, and that would be to collect yourself. This means, gather both your physical body and your energy body, your ball of energy, and have them integrate and stay together.

You don’t have to believe this stuff if this is new to you. But don’t be too skeptic, “rational” or limit yourself too long in getting to understand this. Because you will some day fall behind and lose track in one way or another.

For our tribe: Society’s creative rebels, the misfits of the norms, self-employed vagabonds, digital nomads and the new age entrepreneurs. That’s the kind of people waking up to the more holistic understanding of body, mind and spirit.

We are the ones struggling, hustling, dreaming and building. So we have to be Total. We can’t just push on with your bodies and exclude our inner core. Many still do, but in that way, we learn the hard way and get real valuable life experiences which takes them higher and higher.

So, work in the moment, not in the future

Remember, it’s good, and important to keep visualizing what we call the future. But is the future really, in the future?

Here’s something for you: I believe the future is always here, but what part of the “future” you experience depends on how much you have changed in energy and frequency.

Far out for you? Then educate yourself.

Use meditation for balancing your mind and energy, integrating calmness and visualize your wanted outcome.

Get back to work with new energy, and let the “future” go and be present with all of you, here and now. This very moment is all you have, and will over time take you into the future.


Originally published at www.motion-effect.no on September 22, 2015.

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