3 Likely Things To Expect From The Black Ops 4 Esports Reveal

On September 19th, the competitive Call of Duty community will learn what the future holds for the upcoming season of esports on the highly anticipated Black Ops 4 title, set for release on October 12th. With rumours circling the scene like wildfire, I’ll take a look at some of the more likely things that will be announced from the CWL.

  1. Possible restructure below the Pro League
Change needs to happen to an otherwise good concept

The World War 2 season played host to the introduction of the National Circuit, an online ladder for different countries to compete for a chance to attend one of the Global Open events. A great idea on paper, but when you saw top English amateurs playing in the Italian National Circuit, it totally defeated the objective of increasing the level of competition in regions which haven’t seen success in several years.

A possible restructuring of the National Circuit could be revealed by Treyarch and the CWL but the idea of increasing all levels of competition is only going to benefit the scene in the long run but if the CWL are to avoid the problems of last season, some change needs to be made and will be revealed on the 19th.

2. League Play Integration

League Play is set to make a welcome return to the Call of Duty franchise

When Treyarch created League Play back on Black Ops 2, an incentive was included which many did not know about. The top teams from the team ladder actually competed at the 2013 world championship. With the return of the ever-popular mode on Black Ops 4, possible integration with the CWL is more than likely to occur.

Maybe places at Champs won’t be on the line but perhaps a few spots in the National Circuit for the top League Play squads could be even more of an incentive to compete from the perspective of the casual scene which has often been alienated from the esports side of Call of Duty.

3. Team Inclusion

Team camos MUST look better than this for Black Ops 4

Lastly, inclusion of the teams need to be in the game as soon as the first teams are confirmed for Stage One of the Pro League, camos, calling cards and emblems need to be in the game to gain maximum exposure. The team camos for World War 2 were a total joke and looked hideous compared to the camos that were added for the 2016 world championships.

If you are going to attract the casual audience, get the team items into the game as early as possible and make them look good otherwise you won’t attract anyone to buy them!

That’s some of the likely things that I think will be announced but I’m sure Treyarch have some other surprises up their sleeves.

Thanks for reading :)