How It All Started

It’s been a while since I’ve written something on here so I thought I’d talk about how I got into writing esports content.

After trying and failing to play Call of Duty at a competitive level, I began to watch the game with a different perspective. Looking at how the professionals played, their strategies on particular maps and how one team (CoL/EG at the time) would totally decimate the opposition. I thought I had a relatively decent understanding of Ghosts and by that time, Gfinity was about to host G3.

It was a total fluke that I stumbled across a tweet that was posted about them looking for people to do some content ahead of the event. So I sent them an email with a piece about the EG dominance and before I knew it, they wanted me to preview the CoD event that was taking place. This was my first real bite at the cherry. I previewed the tournament, the article was pretty average to be honest but it was on the homepage of the Gfinity website. For me, that sense of accomplishment was amazing. Seeing my work featured on an internationally recognised esports website.

Thanks to this one tweet I was now backstage at G3 talking to the likes of Hastro about anything and everything to do with esports. It was a real eye-opener for me and with some more time and effort, I could be back here more often.

About a year passed and I began to get paid for my work. That was when the penny dropped and I could well make some pretty decent money from this whole writing thing. The quality of work was getting better and I was beginning to find my niche when it came to doing opinion pieces or just a quick news post about a roster change.

Two years in and the money was pretty good but I wanted to get my work out to more places. I saw Dexerto were looking for interns to write for their website. Who wouldn’t turn down the chance to work with some of the best in the game? I applied, got in and began producing content for one of the leading esports news websites. That was another tick in the box. More people were viewing my work, learning from experts in the industry and I still had some money coming in from Gfinity.

Then the problems began. Some of my work wasn’t getting published with Gfinity so the money dried up. I was still writing for Dexerto but that was only on a voluntary basis. It got to the point where the motivation to produce content was at an all time low and eventually I totally stopped writing for Dexerto.

While travelling back from London, I was approached by Gingi with a proposition that turned it all around. The opportunity to write content for Team Infused, one of the UK’s most established esports organisations. Without hesitating I said yes and without further ado I was churning out article after article whether it was about CSGO or CoD. Over time, my main focus was and still is producing content for Infused. Am I getting paid for it? No, but that’s not the point. I had found the motivation to post great content again.

Now I’m here writing this. I occasionally write the odd article for Dexerto, Gfinity are publishing my work again and the money is slowly coming in and I get to work with some extremely passionate and hard-working people at Infused. I’m also on the look-out to start doing some more CoD content again in the run up to the world championships in August.

Whether it’s content writing, casting or photography. If you want to do it then keep at it! It may take a while and there will be times that you don’t want to do it. Hard work pays off.

These people probably won’t read this but I’d like to thank Rahul from Gfinity who has helped me on countless occassions with my work. Mike, Chris and Josh from Dexerto for giving me the opportunity to work with them and allowing me to produce content for their excellent website. Last but not least, Andy and Megz from Infused, for giving me the creative freedom to create content with everything to do with Infused.

Thanks for reading :)