Goodbye #Twitter and Facebook

Even though my account is still linked on your platforms and Medium was founded by a co-founder of twitter. I have left you for good… and no its not a one time thing where I’m an inactive user for a couple of months then binge tweet for weeks and weeks on end. This time I have fought the urge of wasting my time trying to waste others people time with time I don’t even have just for a few favs and retweets in a 140 characters or less.

I’ve found something I enjoy more that opens up the urge to be creative with myself and my own thoughts. Even though it does take a little bit longer to type what I have to say, Medium lets it be more meaningful. It makes me dive deeper into my own head in places that I didn’t even know existed and not to mention it gives me access to read amazing personal stories from authentic minds. Whether or not people take interest in what I have to say doesn’t really matter to me, I’ve always enjoyed talking to myself anyway….haha.

and no I don’t have anything against twitter or facebook. I actually enjoyed trying to keep up with the popular trends and hashtags. Especially Twitter sense it’s so simple to use. It doesn’t take a lot to “tweet” or #type something in 140 characters which was the reason why I enjoyed it so much. It was easy, didn’t require that much time or thought and it didn’t feel like I was forcing myself to write a paper. Then there’s facebook where you can post literally anything resulting in it being the “diarrhea” of social networking along with it having way too much content to where it’s over stimulating.

Medium to me is the perfect satisfaction with its content and publishing. Also not to mention it gives me something better for passing the time bedsides scrolling up and down on my phone just to realize I’ve viewed the same content 3x already. Even if I do end up getting distracted and caught up in somebody elses stories at least I know I’ll find more meaning in them besides a #SpongeBob meme.

So here’s to you Medium. Thanks for making me more appreciative of a network filled with personal authentic stories and writing.

I won’t let twitter or facebook take that away from me

and dear twitter please don’t end up like facebook.


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