When Things Don’t Go To Plan

I recently failed miserably at something…. at least it seems like it to me. I had a “start up” of my own or at least that’s what a lot of people would consider it to be. Even though it wasn’t official with paperwork through the state (main reason being I was away from home at the time) I had a little for profit organization going on for other nonprofits with the main idea of using social networking as a nonprofit instead of having all the revenue going towards the networking platform itself. The problem I realized from the very beginning was the fact that people use social networking to promote their own image instead for others (including advertisements and companies) so that’s where I mostly went wrong in the first place. Not to mention the fact of having just one social network be completely used as a nonprofit is a pretty broad idea. Also I was tied into a long distance relationship at the time that ended up falling through because of me being a terrible communicator which was a bummer because she was apart of it with me. Anyways back to the idea of having a social network used as a nonprofit. Could it possibly work? Yeah… maybe but only if the whole networking platform was dedicated to be used as a nonprofit with the users and advertisements which in that case I found something similar to that idea and ended up having the nonprofit tied into a new network that was launched in 2014 called tsu. It was the first social media to pay their users for the content they created by splitting 90% of the revenue with those active on the platform and keeping 10% for themselves. Within the first month of joining things were going pretty slow… I was making just a few cents a day off my public channel that I called Epocheco (stupid name… I know) then oddly enough one day my channel and profile started to gain some traffic from other users on the network. They seemed to like the idea and what I was doing but only on tsu so I decided to try reaching out onto twitter (big mistake) and facebook (even bigger mistake) along with a few other networks. I tried for few months here and there posting linked content from tsu on my profiles and using that stupid pointless “page” option on facebook about the progress to try and expand the idea along with gaining some extra support which was honestly just mostly my family.

(thanks fam,love you)

As the whole idea struggled on these platforms and not to mention it being depressing to watch; I had tsu kick off for me even more from having only a couple of thousand followers to a total of 14k which sounds nice and all but a majority of them were considered “inactive” users so it was more like 7k. Don’t get me wrong its nice knowing you have a big follower base but what’s the point in having that follower base on a network when nobody interacts with your content especially when the goal is to raise funds for the charities and the active users who were also social networking for a better cause. None of that really matters anymore sense I recently found out the CEO of tsu decided they’re no longer continuing with the network due to insufficient funds. They do have future plans to do something similar with an app but honestly nobody knows what they’re going to be doing anymore. Maybe this just proves the idea of using social networking effectively as a nonprofit to be a bust.

So how much did we raise and where did the money go?

From the time I joined and went live with Epocheco on tsu which was roughly 9 months or so being on the network from September to May. We raised somewhere between 300–500 dollars, which I had donated to other charities and users that fitted the criteria we were looking for on the platform. Along with a few couple bucks lost due to the shut down of the website that won’t be donated because of it not meeting a certain amount which fucking sucks. Compared to some other channels on the network this was very little amount but I still consider it a success and a lesson to be learned.

What’s in store for Epocheco? What’s next?

If somebody were to ask me that question… I would honestly say I have no fucking clue. The name might change, the goal might change… and if I’m being really honest everything about it might change. I have other ideas I want to incorporate with it but I’m taking the time and slowing things down. I need to think things through before throwing out my ideas to the public again.

With that being said I would like to apologize for those who I invited to the network and the accounts that no longer will receive funds. Wish I knew this was going to happen before hand but maybe its for the best. I was having more stress then fun with it anyways.

and to my ex… I’m sorry for getting so caught up in this and having it get in-between us. I hope you’re doing well.

Before you go

We’ve all failed at something and there’s something to be said about taking the lessons learned and adapting them to what you have going on now. Maybe one day it’ll make us more comfortable knowing that will never be able to predict the future in order for things to go as planned.

If they do does that mean you predicted your future though?

That’s an idea worth pondering on…

Thanks for reading