Kelly Parker giving you the 5 core certainties of insurance

The Five Core Certainties of Insurance

Though years of experience and researched, I’ve identified five crucial factors that, regardless of the insurance market cycle, negatively impact your premium costs and balance sheet:

  1. 92% of workplace injuries result from an unsafe act.
  2. A disproportionate share of Workers’ Compensation Claims are mishandled by the adjuster.
  3. At-fault auto accidents are caused by poor driving habits and/or faulty equipment.
  4. Insurance programs are not properly tailored to protect company assets — a result of “transactional brokers” selling solely on price.
  5. Most companies assume unnecessary risk from poorly worded hold harmless/indemnification contracts or inadequate insurance protection from suppliers of materials or services.

It’s these Five Core Certainties, among other things, on which my team and I design a comprehensive Risk Architect™ process, so we can understand your company’s risk exposures and provide a Total Cost of Risk solution.

Together, with our clients, we train Supervisors to proactively identify potential hazards in the workplace. What look to for in faulty equipment and and develop/foster safe driving habits. Our on-staff WC Claims Advocate, Maria, works closely with our clients and the insurance adjuster to ensure that claims are properly handled. And, we review your insurance placement/contracts to ensure that there are no gaps in coverage and you understand the risk you are taking.

Insurance is much more than a policy and your Broker should be much more than a price shopper. Call me to experience the difference that my team and I at R.T. Beers & Company has to offer.