Here Are Some Predictions For August, 2018

Here I am on June 11, 2016. I am the seer who knows all, but is not believed. Here are things I have seen and know will come to pass in the coming years.

Donald Trump will be elected President, promising to “drain the swamp” but instead he’ll appoint many corrupt men and women into government, and his party’s dysfunction will prevent any meaningful legislation except a badly planned tax cut.

The Rays will totally dominate the Yankees on August 15th, 2018.

Jay Z and Beyonce will make a music video in the Louvre.

The UK will vote to leave the EU, and instantly regret it.

In August 2018, Turkey’s economy will tank.

A trade war started by President Trump will roil markets and the Dow and NASDAQ will lose a lot of value from February 2018 until the summer, when things will mellow a bit.