Cognitive Ecstacy, Innovating The Next 50 Years

Cognitive Ecstasy, The Modern Desire To Understand

I strongly believe it was my father’s career as an engineer that built upon his creative nature to give me the kind of upbringing I look back on fondly. He would always be making use of some old junk and remanufacturing it into a whole new item, with a whole new purpose. It was my aspirations in wanting to be able to replicate his ingenuity that lead me to be fascinated by problem solving and technology today.

I had the child’s gaze of admiration, today YouTube and Instagram take that place more often than not. As humans we are designed to be fascinated by the novel and the new, its what caused us to leave the caves, to find new lands and become who we are. Today our understanding is on an exponential upwards curve and access to the internet is a commodity that younger generations have come to expect as a given.

Some disagree, but I only see this as a positive. The ability to learn and understand is now more readily available to more of the world’s population than ever before. As this resource has become more wide spread, the generation growing around it have developed a deeper desire in connecting the dots. This cognitive ecstasy for understanding newfangled skills is excelling us into an abundance of opportunity. Obviously there has been a hockey stick climb with improvements in connectivity and the pocket reference we call smart phones that has lead to us being aware of the benefits of learning nowadays.

I predict the seeker to be a new characteristic in our next generation, developing a hunt for the cognitive epiphany of discovery.

It has never been easier to make your dreams come true in some fashion more so than today. I forecast this early stage of the internet era will lead to masses of innovation far beyond our wildest dreams. The desire to understand technology and relationships will ultimately make the future an incredible place and I foresee it all evolving rapidly. As those who witnessed the ‘ding and cackle’ of dial up internet being introduced as a commonplace in our lives, I imagine it hitting a pace of 10x as we reach the age of retirement, just when ourselves become the characters we saw in our elders when mobile phones were introduced.

Many of my thoughts are heavily influenced by Jason Silva’s series Shots Of Awe. Recommended to anyone interested in life, relationships, science and understanding.

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