Building an Online Business from Scratch — Week #0: Goals & Strategy

Not long ago I decided to start another eCommerce business — but this time — I thought I would document the entire journey. Well, not every single little detail…but the most important bits!

Every Sunday I’ll write a short summary of the past week: what I worked on, my thoughts on the process and hard facts such as traffic and revenue numbers.


That’s my goal for this project. We’re talking revenue here, not profit. That means sales of roughly $3,300 per day, $138 per hour, $2.3 per minute or just $0.04 a second. Now that doesn’t sound like too much does it?


I’m planning on launching several products at once through multiple sales channels, such as eBay, Amazon and also through my own Shopify store. Initially, sales on Amazon and eBay will naturally outnumber Shopify sales, however, as the business matures this will perhaps balance out.

Will This Really Work?

Oh yes, it will! The whole process might take a while but I have zero doubt that this business will be a success because in the end, in the eCommerce world, there is no magic involved, I believe it’s just putting in the work at the right places and things will happen.

Sound like a fun journey? Let’s go!


PS: I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, please leave me a comment below!

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