Are you looking into a funhouse mirror

Are you looking at a Flat or funhouse mirror


Look at yourself. The Successful, the facade, the guts, the glory, and all the skeletons in your closet. Knowing you do not like to write (like Dave) or just can’t make a graphic look right (Like me), is only the first part. You have to find it, acknowledge it, accept it and you have to embrace it. If you understand it you will believe it, but if you do not believe it, how will you understand it?

Understand your weaknesses so you can accept and overcome them.

I know I cannot really organize chapters, graphics or even the next task very well but Dave can. I also know I like to tell a good story, and I can get important information across. I like the creative side of writing a book, but not so much the organizing, promoting, and design stuff. I would be stuck in a conundrum of organizing if I did not accept the fact that I like to write freely, and that I am not that great at keeping the chapters in one place, or finding the right look for a project. I knew I had to find someone who could do that part well. Outsourcing what you are good at or great at might not be a Successful move.

So you must know yourself. Your strengths, your weaknesses, your motivators, your distractors. To do this may take some time; in fact I am still constantly looking at my dreams, goals, wants, needs, and wishes. I am also looking at my strengths and weaknesses. It can be difficult to accept that your “Successful you” is not good at everything, but it is not. Knowing when to find help will launch you to true success

Knowing what you can do is very important for success, but knowing what you cannot do will help you prevent failure. When you know your shortcomings you will consider ways to overcome them.

I look at this project, the successful you book. I am not an organizer, I am a storyteller, and I use my creativity. It is very hard for me to organize things or keep a clean formatting on paper.

My partner on this project if very organized. So I can write the story part, and my partners help organize the parts into a whole, with the story, lessons, summaries, activities, and quotations into a nice neat formatted website. He keeps the projects on track while giving me free range with creative storytelling.

I see the world from a big picture view, but Dave can focus on the small details. I know I cannot become something I am not, but I also know I can become a much better me. I know my shortcomings but that does not stop me. I find a way to be more than I am by sharing both duties and rewards.

Know also that with just about anything you will fall flat on your face, and a lot more than one time. The “Successful You” knows that failure, even repetitive failure is part of success, and puts on a smile, gets up, learns from the last experience, and tries again.

This starts from when you were young. Try and remember the first time you to talk. I am sure it was not talking at first, just sounds. Then like magic, you said dada, or momma. In a few short years, you were asking questions like can I have that, what that is, and the ever favorite WHY. You learned to talk, right? If there was no part of you that did not think you could talk. You watched everyone around you talk.

Success is kind of the same way. You watch it around you, and copy it as best you can. If you really know that you want success, then you really know you will not give up after a few failures. Connect with the inner child and just know you will get there, no matter what.

Find your goal in life

What is your ultimate goal, what do you want to accomplish and achieve? What will you have to go through to get there? How will you get there? What tools can you use? Why do you want to accomplish your goals? If you can answer these questions with confidence you are well on your way to increased success.

Originally published at 16 to Success.