Alcor: Will Cryonics Redefine Death?

Max More, President & CEO of Alcor Life Extension Foundation, greets a group of unsuspecting visitors at company’s Headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. The next 10 minutes of this youtube video are remarkably similar to a Hollywood Sci-Fi movie called Self/less where Ben Kingsley plays the part of a billionaire industrialist who suffers from cancer and his only hope is a radical procedure in which his consciousness is transferred to a healthy body.

So if you are unfortunate enough to have a terminal disease that can’t be treated by medicine of today, Alcor will make you a “patient” after you are clinically dead by preserving your full body or just the brain in large metal cylinders using cold temperatures for decades or even centuries so medicine of future can restore you to full health.

This very low temperature preservation of individuals who can’t be sustained by contemporary medicine is called Cryonics. Sounds totally crazy but its a modern science with active research being done by different institutes around the world. The underlying concept behind cryonics is that life is a particular sructure of matter; life can be be stopped and restarted if cell structure and chemistry are adequately preserved. Vitrification, not freezing, involves adding high concentrations of chemicals called cryoprotectants to cells so tissues can be cooled to low temperatures that aides in preserving biological structure.

Alcor has 1,618 members including 149 patients waiting to be woken up by doctors and physicians of the future. Membership for a Whole Body Cryopreservation will set you back $200,000 but thankfully there are a number of life insurance plans if you don’t have spare thousands lying around.

Comment below to tell us whether you will be willing to be stored in a cold cylinder until your SOS is answered in near or distant future, I mean coffins are way too mainstream so giving Alcor a shot can’t be too bad of an option. Personally, I would love to wake up in a time where humanity is a truly space faring civilisation!