Apple released another part of their AR headset

…and no one noticed.

Everyone is waiting for Apple to release their augmented reality headset, but it’s possible Apple has been slowly building their augmented reality headset for years now and distributing pieces of it to us over time.

In The Beginning

Snapchat allows users to digitally try before you buy via their augmented reality features
Digital experience superimposed on the physical world, but where’s the augmented reality?

AR = Form Factor + UI + Experience

And Then It Clicked

The power of form factor + UI + experience

Top of Mind

Exploded view of Airpods Pro, engineer’s perspective (src: iFixit Teardown)

Airpods Pro are augmented reality devices for our ears.

Exploded view of Airpods Pro, consumer perspective

Enjoy the journey, sure, but also get to your destination.

It is my belief that Apple will not release an all-in-one headset device, but instead provide magical augmented reality experiences through a suite of wearables: a pair of lightweight glasses that work as part of a suite of wearables with your Airpods Pro for audio and voice, Apple Watch for gestures, and iPhone for connectivity and computing power. The glasses will only need a display, cameras, eye-tracking hardware, and batteries, allowing them to be lightweight and long-lasting, easily taken on and off without removing you from your entire wearable ecosystem, and to be available in many stylish and customizable options from Apple or many partners.




AR & Emerging Tech Strategy Expert | Venture Partner @IndicatorVC | Founder @BostonARmeetup

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Neil Gupta

AR & Emerging Tech Strategy Expert | Venture Partner @IndicatorVC | Founder @BostonARmeetup