Where are the Female Music Producers?
Recording Academy

I had the good fortune to see Sylvia Massy speak last year. She’s extremely talented and quite the sonic risk-taker. I wish more people knew her story and methodology. She has a book out that’s pretty entertaining.

One pretty endemic problem in the industry is the pretty female-hostile marketing. Neutrik sells connectors using a tattooed alt-model in lingerie (points for not going the traditional booth babe route, I guess?), sE has a sorrynotsorry flap over a microphone ad with female nudity, Blue mics promotes at a convention with a photo of a cleavage-bearing model seductively using (incorrectly) one of their products…there was even an ad with Ms. Massy in it coyly using the phrase “great pair” as a double entendre (I think it was for a stereo compressor, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen it). And then that’s not even touching the bro culture among a lot of seasoned engineers.

It’s pretty toxic, and is something that needs to change.

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