I Am Not A“Sound Guy”: A Woman’s Opinion On Audio Culture

This is a deeply pervasive problem in all levels of the industry, and it really needs to stop. Audio needs more people like Sylvia Massey — engaging, creative, funny — as their icons, and the bro-culture that currently exists simply gives us many insecure jocks, which does the industry no favors. Sure, many of them are talented, but the more voices and opinions we get, the richer the industry is. There’s room for a lot more. CLA doesn’t have to fear for his job just because you exist.

It happens with producers and artists, and that makes some media splash. But it also happens all the way up to the manufacturers of components — high-profile sorry-not-sorry flaps with sE, the infamous twitchcon Blue poster (which they at least actually apologized for but…guys, come on), to Neutrik, the guys who make plugs for god’s sake, sexing up their ads with half-naked alt-models. Why? Does the industry really run on beer-commercial instincts? If I buy that brand of ¼" jack will hot girls find me attractive? Is that how seasoned male engineers are supposed to think? It’s just demeaning to all parties, and hangs a big “no gurlz allowed” sign on the studio door.

And it needs to stop.

So, tl;dr — yes, and thank you for standing up for yourself. The industry benefits from it.