P.S What you are about reading might be fiction, or real. It depends on how you see it

Love to many means different things. To some it is a myth, to others it is an emotion of strong attraction and personal attachement. But from what i have realised over the years, it all depends on how one experiences it.

From my perspective, I always went with the former. I felt love was a mere figment of the imagination of two deluded people. I could never fathom what people (especially young ones) were doing in a relationship. I spent several years being single, selfishly loving myself and letting no one in.

This fateful day, I met the this young dark skinned beauty named Ife at gathering with a few friends. Though I barely noticed her at first cause I had my mind totally elsewhere.

Right before we dispersed, we got talking. An odd topic got us conversing just for a few minutes and we exchanged digits and left. Bless this day.

A day later, I hit her up, then we got talking. Hours of interesting conversations felt like days had flown by, and we had known each other since forever.

From talking all day, to texting, sending vn’s to making love after discussing the dumbest shit in the world. It felt so good laying in her arms. She suddenly became my confidant. I felt peace and happiness with her, barely two weeks of talking. I felt no pressure, to impress nor to lie.

Her lips were so beautiful, her smile? Even better. Her attention to detail was even more impressive. It was as if she read a book on how to keep me happy. Oh yes, I wanted this.

2 weeks flew by, and on Monday i got a call that she had to see me urgently. She came over to see me. Her face all moody, she was obviously sad. What is it I asked? She kept mumbling words.

After persuasions to speak out, she then replied... "My family and I are leaving Nigeria" in the weekend as tears rolled down her eyes. I was dumbfounded. It felt like I was in a dream and I kept begging for someone to wake me up. I suddenly became deaf and asked her to repeat what she said.

Right when I had summoned the courage to give love a try. When I wanted her to be my girl over lunch in the coming saturday. Right when i had the feeling i hadn’t gotten since forever. How cruel could love be?

Then I asked why did you let us get so deep in this if you knew all these? She replied she tried to tell me. But she got so entangled in what we had. It also dawned on me that she had been hinting me all these but I was so lost in the moment.

She had previously asked if I could do a LDR, and I smirked off saying "No". No wonder she wanted my favourite Jersey with my name on it. No wonder she had me write her a letter, and she did write me one as well. No wonder she wanted us to see everyday

It’s been over a year since she left, but the 2 weeks we spent together still lingers very much in my memory. No one else has given me that feeling since she left (Maybe cause i haven’t let anyone in).

All of these also got me also thinking. What if she had stayed back, would we have worked? Was what I felt love or just mere lust? Do i only miss her cause she isnt around? Would we still feel the same way if we were united once more? These are some of the questions that may never get answered

But in all of these i still ask God that If I was to fall for anyone again, I prayed it be with her, while we are reunited. If not, I'd cherish the 2 weeks we spent together forever.

Till we are reunited again.... Ife ❤