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I started by searching for pictures online that I could use as textures for my 3d model of a park bench. I downloaded one picture of wooden planks and one picture of copper metal that I could use for the metal parts of the bench.

I the used Photoshop to cut the two pictures together so I, later on, could easily take parts from one texture to the bench when I was going to unwrap it in the UV editor.

I started making the bench in 3ds max by first creating a plane that I wanted as the planks you sit on and as the back support of the bench. Then after that, I created another plane this was for the metal beams that hold up the back of the bench and planks you sit on I chamfer the beams so it stretched up and got bent then I made a box for the metal that holds the bench up and stretched it up so it got longer.

Now when I had all my parts for the bench I attached them all together by pressing the attach button in 3ds max I did this so I easily could add textures for all the different parts of the bench at once.

I used the UVW editor and selected the picture I made in Photoshop and selected parts of the picture for each object. For example, for the wooden planks, I selected the wooden parts of the picture and for the metal parts of the bench the metal parts of the picture.

Now when I had all my parts with textures on them I still needed to make the thicker because they were all way too thin to be a bench at this point. So I clicked shell and messed around with the thickness options until it looked fitting for a bench.

After this, I just duplicated the plank I had until I had enough for the back support and for where you sit I did the same for the metal parts of the bench and then I just moved the parts together until I had a bench.


YouTube. (2016). 3ds Max Tutorial — Modeling a City Park Bench. [online] Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOSQaT1fLP4 [Accessed 22 Aug. 2016].

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