Follow up blog what I want to work with after I graduate

This blog is going to focus more on what companies that I would like to work for and why.

So I would like to work for Dice for many different reasons. Now I know that it’s not the easiest game studio to get hired from especially directly after I graduate and I know that but it’s still something would like to and after I have more experience it seems more realistic.

As I said in my previous blog I would like to work as sound programmer maybe and as games go for me battlefield has one of the best sound designs. The sounds for all the weapons are so realistic and sounds so good compared to most other games in that similar genre and also how the sounds differ from different ranges. I’m not really sure what it is that makes the sounds and sound design so good in battlefield but I would like to more about it. Now that’s not the only reason I have had a teacher that worked for Dice on battlefield 2 and from he told me about the experience it was a lot of work but it all seemed interesting. A bonus is also that Dice’s studio is located really close to where I grew up.

People from Dice were also at my high school talking about how it was working for Dice and what you need to be hired by Dice, they told us back then that you need to have read a lot of math at university and that they mostly hired engineers which kinda makes working for Dice a bit harder for me.

Another studio that I would like to work for is blue byte just because I’m a fan of most of their games, I like the Anno series and the settlers even though I’ve only played the mobile game of the settlers, It’s one of the best mobile games I have played and it seems like something that would be fun to work on and not being too complex like triple A titles seems to be. I know that they’re not developing the settlers games anymore for the moment but they still develop mobile games like assassin’s creed identity even though I haven’t played that game (the price of having a windows phone) from what I have seen from trailers they look fun and not too complex or big in terms of scope which might be good to start out on. I’m not sure what role I would like to work as if I worked at blue byte studios, I guess I would like to work as a generalist to just learn as much as possible from the different areas and work on what’s needed.

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