Postmortem Studio 3

What went well

My pathfinding system that I worked on went really well even though it really wasn’t for studio 3, It was something that I found really fun to work on and getting the performance to run better and making the system easy to use for designers were good to think about and improve on.

My system on the new intelligence app where functional and big part of the app, I wouldn’t say they were well made but they worked and I got them working in such short time which was what the designers asked me for.

I made some cool shaders for the studio 2 designers that worked well and I got to learn about shader which was interesting and new. I also never really worked on getting a game to look good most of the time I’ve been working on other sorts of systems.

What went Not so well

I could have been better at planning out my work for studio 3, in the first weeks I didn’t have much to do at all and I’m not the best at finding other projects to work when I do not have to which is bad because I wanna learn more. This time I actually started on 2d platformer mobile game but then when Studio started to get busy I didn’t have time to work on it and I’m pretty sure I won’t work on it again. I also wrote a bunch of bad hard coded code just to get systems in the new intelligence project to a working stage that I probably could have done better but I listened to the designers too much and did what they told me to do which I don’t always think is good to do.

Things to keep in Mind for the future

Don’t always listen to designers think for yourself it’s not only their problem if what they are asking for is a bad idea. Try to find small projects to work on when you have spare time because otherwise, you won’t finish them.

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