Putting out fires before the exhibition

The biggest problem we had was the movement of the player. I spent way too much time trying to get that working. The problem was that the players couldn’t move correctly halfway through the level a force occurred that pushed the players back. I spent so many hours trying to figure out why this happened and how to fix it without really understanding what exactly it was that made it work like that. I spent too much time on it I should have given up on the unity character controller that I used way earlier and just made my own script for movement which I did with the help of my team but way too late. If I had done that earlier I would have had hours of time that I could have put into other areas of our game.

Another thing that I thought went wrong was the priorities on what our team worked on sometimes I felt like instead of tweaking the level and making everything feel like we wanted it to. Don’t get me wrong the menus are important too and good for the game I just felt like we could have put that time to make the main level better instead and then work on the menus.

We also had a lot of github problems making it so we needed to redo hours of work. The only reason why that happened was because we worked in the same scene which we already knew we shouldn’t do but we didn’t have the good communication for telling when people were working in the main scene.

The biggest problem most have been planning because I didn’t feel like we had enough time for anything and was constantly stressed for the last two weeks.

Why did it go wrong

I think that we didn’t maybe have the best communication, we didn’t discuss what was important to fix and discuss what everyone felt was the most important thing to work and fix and that led that we just work on stuff that seemed important to you.

We didn’t have everything planned out, for example, we know the basics about how our game would work but then there was still a lot of stuff we hadn’t figured out so for example when I made the drinking function I knew that it would effect the player somehow but I didn’t exactly know what it was gonna do and what the designers wanted from it so I just made a speed boost. The speed boost worked fine but it felt more like an afterthought than something we had thought about.

We only had one programmer in our team me and I sometimes felt like I had a lot of things to do and I didn’t always know how to do it which made me really stressed. I don’t know what could have helped me with this maybe plan out the scripts more and maybe discuss more how to do it with fellow programmers and tutors before starting scripting.

Future lessons

Make a good GDD with all the status effects and mechanics really fleshed out so you can easily know what to do when you are making the scripts for it. Also, make a good TDD where you really have a thought about how scripts will work together and exactly what you need to do this goes together with making a detailed GDD so you know specifically what your scripts need to do.