The Exhibition event itself

How it was showing my game publicly, off-campus

Showing off our game for the public was interesting and fun seeing if people understood what they need to do and if they were able to play the game as we imagined people would play it. Most people did then some people knew how to beat the game by just standing on the spawner and drinking. It also a little weird because we had a lot of problems in our game that you could see directly by just looking at it that we didn’t have time to fix. I feel like those really obvious things should have been fixed first

How it was getting feedback on your work from the public

It was good getting feedback most of the feedback was just on obvious things we already knew needed fixing. Like I said before I feel like there was a lot of stuff that needed fixing before we showed our game because most of the feedback was not on the concept just on the camera and spawner objects instead of the mechanics or status effects.or just something that wasn’t one of that obvious bug or things that we already knew about.

The coolest thing that happened

I’m not sure what really was the coolest thing that happened. There was apparently some people from the games industry playing our game but I wasn’t around when that happened so I only got to hear about it from my teammates. Apparently, they seemed interested and asked more interesting question like why wine and robots why three avatars and more how did you think when you did this instead of questions like why is the camera working like that.

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